About Pro Mountain Outfitters

Pro Mountain Outfitters was founded by two friends who both dreamed as children of owning a bike shop. We genuinely care about promoting cycling and outdoor sports, and it is our goal to raise awareness and bring new participants to the sports we are so passionate about. Pro Mountain Outfitters is based in North Central West Virginia. Our location places us smack in the middle of some of the best cycling, hiking, climbing, and boating in the country. (not to mention the scenery!) Everything from truly epic days on the bike to leisurely, relaxing rides along a river path can be found in our part of this beautiful state.

Why buy from us?

We are a small business, owned by two guys with families and children who work hard to promote the sport and provide for their families.

We are cyclists! We race, we volunteer, we sponsor events, we participate in group rides, we donate to charity, and we do our best to spread the passion.

We are not just a warehouse of parts with no care for customer service. We founded our business with the intent to provide stellar service with equally stellar prices.  We proudly list our phone number, and we answer e-mails nearly 24 hours a day. (much to our wives dismay)

We live and breathe bikes, and we understand everyone has a different style of riding and different tastes in bikes. We will never be bike snobs … whatever your cycling passion is we will do our very best to help you pursue it.

Mission statement: To provide excellent service, competitive prices, promote outdoor sports and healthy living.